Index.dat Reader

- How to access it?

If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) Browser to surf the net, then you may not know that all of your internet history is being saved in a file called the ‘index.dat’. Almost every browser saves internet history and gives you the option of deleting it. However index.dat reader is different. Microsoft has been in many controversies due to this file. ‘index.dat’ is a database file that stores all the websites or webpages that you have visited, all the search queries that you have entered and any other files you may have opened when surfing the web. The function of index.dat may not surprise you, but the fact that index.bat can never be deleted or resized is at first hard to understand.

index.dat readerFirst of all index.dat is saved in many different locations in the windows folder, so you will need to identify where all of the parts of index.dat are. Secondly, even if you find all the parts, opening it or deleting it is not possible. You will be shut out saying there is a windows lock. So what do you do?

Well, even though index.dat can never be completely deleted, you can delete most of the contents inside it, by using softwares such as Ccleaner. Ccleaner will not only delete all the cookies and temporary internet files, but will also get inside index.dat and delete contents from it. However, it is advisable to still check whether all of the personal contents have been deleted or not. For that you need an index.dat reader or viewer. An index.dat reader is the software that is specifically designed to view all the contents that are there in index.dat. Apparently it is very difficult to view the contents and an index.dat reader is necessary get a look at what’s going inside this mysterious file.

The deletion of contents is not only necessary for security reasons but also because index.dat expands relative to the spend time on the internet. Hence such a large file could take up substantial amount of your hard disk and degrade your computer’s performance.

Other browsers do not specifically use index.dat, but one should still delete the cookies, temp files, history, save passwords etc to ensure no personal data is transferred to the net. Softwares such as ccleaner should be used and then index.dat should be checked through index.dat reader, to see whether sensitive has been deleted or not.